Home Lighting: The Latest Trends

When talking and thinking about home decor, what usually comes to the mind of most people is the paint they've chosen for their rooms or the furniture materials they've chosen. A lot of homeowners don't think about the importance of lighting and the impact it can have on the decor of their homes. Usually, the light fixtures of a home are a cost effective way of upgrading the decor. They'll be a vital part of both exterior and interior decor in 2018. Discussed below are the latest trends in 2018. You can easily and safely install some of these new light fixtures yourself but others may require help from an expert.

The Hot Trends In 2018

Statement lighting was a very hot decor trend in 2017, and that same theme will continue trending into 2018. It is true that light fixtures highlight essential features, while also serving as a decor element on their own.


For 2018, the lighting trends are:

 Rustic Kitchen Lighting

Industrial Bathroom Lighting

Starburst Chandelier

Energy-Saving Bulbs

Exterior Lighting

Deck Lighting

Landscape Lighting


Don't stress, they will be discussed in full further below. However, you should know that vintage design is currently trending and many homes are catching on. Vintage and rustic-looking fixtures are now back in style for every room in the home. What made it easily regain widespread popularity is because this decor upgrade is budget-friendly.

On an average, the cost of installing a good light fixture is $420, but most homeowners spend between $170 and $330. In 2018, here are the top home lighting trends you'll likely be seeing:

Rusting Kitchen Lighting

It is important that the kitchen lighting is adequate. It is obvious that you have to see when you are cooking so you can successfully prepare dinner. Homeowners don't often install kitchen lights for style but mainly for utility. You should brighten your kitchen up with stylish light fixtures that look rusty. In 2017, small chandeliers and pendant lights are common and they will adequately provide your kitchen with all the lighting needed.

Industrial Bathroom Lighting

For 2018, deep and brass colors are making a comeback and are trending in the bathroom so it's not really surprising that industrial lighting for homes will be popular as well. Scones should be close to the mirror and a small chandelier can be fixed in the bathroom. The newest industrial trends can be included through these two ways.

Starburst Chandelier

This year, the retro look is beginning to regain popularity and the starburst chandelier has become one of the hottest item anyone can have in their home now. The shape of these chandeliers is unique as it is not like other ones, so it is a focal point by itself. If you want a chandelier that'll be a conversation starter, you must have this decor in your home for this year.

Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

Over the last couple of decades, homeowners are starting to prioritize sustainability. This means that if you want to create a home that is more eco-friendly, the best thing is to opt for energy-saving bulbs. Currently, CFL and LED are the two most efficient options available.

Energy Saver revealed that these kinds of bulbs use considerable lesser amount of energy (25% to 80% less) and also last much longer than regular incandescent light bulbs. Usually, these kinds of bulbs are compatible with majority of the light fixtures around. However, before making a purchase, you should first check the manufacturer instructions and guidelines.

Exterior Lighting

These lighting trends are not for the interior alone. Exterior lighting serves as an important part your appeal and it also provides an extra layer of security for your home.

Deck Lighting
Making this investment is generally great as it serves as a vital decor and safety feature. The trending scheme for this year is recessed deck lighting.This option is usually lasting andit can give your decking a nice, chic look. It elevate how your deck looks and it is a great choice if you're the type that host events outside.

Solar Landscape Lighting

I've mentioned earlier that many homeowners are now going for options that are earth-friendly, in terms of their home lighting. People are starting to feel the same about landscape lighting.

Nowadays, there are many choices for you when considering solar-powered lights for your yard. Solar lighting can be applied in various ways ranging from using solar spotlights to highlight a specific feature, to using it to illuminate pathways.

Trends Out In 2018

Generally, most other trends change faster than lighting trends. However, there are some trends you should try to avoid. In  2018, here are some of the trends that'll be out of use:

Mirror Lighting: This trend was hot last year, but it may not stick around for long now that the industrial bathroom lighting has taken the center stage.

Fluorescent Lights: These lights are becoming out of style as there are better alternatives that are more eco-friendly.

Table Lamps: Many homeowners are trying to save some space. Table lamps take up a good amount of space that can be utilized for other things.